Sunday, August 2, 2009


day 1: 615 miles to nashville, tn to stay with ali!

spent 10 1/2 not so bad hours in the car. everything is still organized and clean so the time went by quickly. arrived at ali's around 830 or so with intentions of going out...ended up hanging out in her BEAUTIFUL chic house with my new lover, chuck (a rat terrier mix with a mohawk) and jamming allll night. well, at least until 1130 or so before we all pooped out.

by the way, ali will be a crucial member of our girl band whenever we get all the musically talented ladies of the world together. she's an AMAZING singer/songwriter/guitar player. go team!

still haven't seen much of nashville except the skyline at sunset, which is pretty cool (even though i'm pretty sure the really cool building we saw was just an at&t building). we're heading into downtown this afternoon to check out the honky tonkers and music scene, right after a jaunt at the local "aldys" (cheap groceries woot woot!).

more to post on and hopefully pictures to come as the week progresses... one more night in nashville then next stop: lawrence kansas.

love, the emilys

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