Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We ARE in Kansas, I swear

States Travelled Through: Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas!
Day 4: We have arrived in Lawrence Kansas (last night) to see our good friend Eric Holscher.
Now before you have any preconceptions...Lawrence reminds us a lot of Keene: college town, hilly, trees, rockin little downtown. It isnt the amber waves of grain that I (emily scott) know is to come as we continue to travel across the state. But for now, we are going to spend a few days relaxing, swimming in the lake, and checkin out the scene of the only liberal town in KS.

Our full day in Nasville ended up being a blast. It started off with a great jam, our first girl band! Here's the lineup:
Emily B: Mandolin
Emily S: Banjo
Ali: Guitar and Vocals
Kimberly (Ali's roomate): Drums and Vocals

Next, Ali took us down to Broadway, the touristy downtown area filled with bars posted up with your typical country singer bands, cowboy boots, and lots of memorabilia. And yes, there is a verb for this in Nashville: Honkey-Tonkin'. We must have laughed our way up and down the whole street, because each and every bar we stepped into whoever was playing music would make some comment:
"Whats better than one hot lady? Two? Three!"
"Where you from ladies? Where'd you leave your boyfriends at"
"Lets give a round of applause for these three fine ladies!"
Definitely a fun afternoon. That night, we went to check out the Grand Ole Opry (unfortunately not the Ryman where a certain handsome young Mr. Hartford used to play) and the hotel next to it which was a real treat. Imagine steeping inside a hotel and seeing a garden conservatory, a jungle, and a real river made up of water from hundreds of water bodies in the United States and around the world.... and yes, there was a riverboat tour. How fun would it be to be a kid staying there with your parents and having them say "ok go entertain yourselves." You could get lost for days....
The next morning we packed up and said goodbye, leaving for our new destination. The drive was beautiful, going through rolling hills and farmland (and not much else!) We did, however, stop in Metropolis: the home of Superman, and get a beautiful sunset over Kansas City. Phase two of the trip has begun and we hope you will all keep in touch for the next installment of thetwoemilys.


  1. Emily and Emily, send me your address once you reach CA! I'll send you a care package (including Emily's book she lent me months ago)

    Miss ya,

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  3. Sounds like you are having a great time! I am so happy for you both!

  4. Kansas cool? Hogwash! I want proof!

    --Dan T